Red luxury bridal bedsheets


There’s always a reason why a brand comes into existence, an inspiration, or an incident. In our case, it was an inspiration derived loophole that had to be filled one day or another. 

We started with a vision of designing an ideal house, just like one has always dreamt of. The architecture, interior, decor, furniture, paint, and even the curtains were an inspiration. 

It wasn’t easy to cope with the vision we had in mind, but passion leads you to achieve the impossibles, and so did we.

The journey started with handpicking the exotic pieces of our choice around the world. From Morocco to France, we explored it all. After months of wandering, the house started turning into the “Ideal” one. The interior and decor started reflecting our passion. The most favorite and go-to place turned out to be the bedroom.

We believe that a bedroom reflects individuality and has to be a place of joy. After all, we all want a perfect spot to relieve stress at the end of the day. We decorated the room well, but a bed sheet that could compliment that ambiance was still missing. 

Derived out of passion, we started designing bed sheets for our own. After months of trials, the elegantly designed sheets enhancing the beauty of the bedroom were finally created. And that’s when we thought of sharing it with the world. 

The thought-provoking idea was to cater to people like us, who are yet searching for a luxurious bed sheet.